My Fave Breakfast – Toast n’ Eggs!

Sooo Day 2 of getting back to the weights is done, and it was Leg Day. I am having difficulty walking around my place and up the stairs… Seriously. I am about to go for a nice long walk in a bit too. Will I survive? Only time will tell. To see the workout I did, check out my recent post with some free training plans…

Well, I had one of my absolute favourite breakfasts for lunch today, just because. It’s so simple but I just love it. My grandpa used to make this for me all the time as a kid so maybe it’s a bit of nostalgia too. Although probably I like it because it’s just damn tasty.

eggs on toast

Easy Toast n’ Eggs

Simple! Just fry up those eggs in some olive oil, I like mine so that they are still runny and make the toast all “smooshy” (actual culinary term, I am pretty sure). I fry mine with green onions and then add pepper to it afterwards. Up to you – experiment to find your fave way to do it! I also like to top my eggs on toast with avocado, berries, or other in-season things sometimes.

Macros: depends on what bread you use – calculate your macros using MyFitnessPal or another similar website if you desire.

Nom nom! For some reason, so satisfying. Well, now I am ready to take on the rest of the day – which for me includes a long walk on this nice and cool cloudy day, making dinner (I’ll post the recipe tomorrow – healthy lemon garlic slow-cooker chicken breasts!) and an evening of getting some work done. (Maybe?) 😉