Whistler Getaway + Career Change, Hmm…

I am back from a whirlwind weekend in Whistler! I was up there with my fiance and some friends for the annual CrankWorx bike event, and we hd an amazing view for the downhills and just an all-around fabulous time. Of course, that also entailed eating a lot of crap food and drinks! My body was like, “What are you doing to meee?” Oh well, a little “vacation food” every now and then is okay. All about moderation in my opinion.

At least I know I am really into fitness now because when we all got drunk, I started a push-up competition with all the guys. Geez. No wonder I woke up and my arms were screamin’ sore! On the Saturday, we also went out dancing and I didn’t sit down the whole time so that must’ve been a great workout (if I remembered it haha). But yeah, those push-ups, daaaamn.

I am considering a career change into being a personal trainer. It would be a drastic change for me (career-wise) but I also think quite rewarding, both personally and professionally. Anyone out there a personal trainer right now? What are your thoughts on the job and how did you get into it? I’m super duper thinking about doing it…!

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